What makes Iron Protocol The Future of Consulting™

Who We Are

Iron Protocol is a consulting collective, operating on a cooperative business model. Our motivation is our passion for excellence, and our reward is the realization of success on the parts of our valued clients. Lacking the overhead of a classic corporation, we’re swift and agile. Possessing the collective strength of our combined professional expertise, we’re highly flexible. We are The Future of Consulting™.

What We Do

We take a fresh approach to every project. What worked well in the past may not be right for your business, and we’re not in the business of simply turning over contracts. Our aggregate product is our curriculum vitae, and we intend to shine more with every endeavor.

Our working process generally follows this format:

  • Initial consultation, needs assessment
    The initial emphasis on the reciprocal interview enables us to best understand your situation, and to streamline the proposal process.
  • Solution architecture, bid preparation
    We will design a solution that meets your precise needs. The detailed bid we submit comes with our absolute guarantee.
  • Proposal presentation, bid acceptance
    We meet with you again to discuss the bid. This is our opportunity to explore what your solution will entail. You accept the final bid, and work begins.
  • Engineering/development phase
    We all return to business as usual — You being dynamically awesome, and us quietly honing your solution to perfection.
  • Pre-wrap unveiling, client QA
    When we’re satisfied, we make sure that you’re satisfied. You get a chance to test drive the finished product before it goes live.
  • Final approval, post-contract support
    We hand you the keys. When all is said and done, you can depend on us to stand behind our work.